Advanced Embedded & IoT Course With Placements


Advanced Embedded & IoT Course With Placements

Course Description
Wohlstand IoT training course syllabus and curriculum is systematically designed in sync with industry needs. It will enable you to build a complete IoT solution on your own. This advanced Internet of Things Course Syllabus gets delivered as a classroom program starting with basics (ex: setting up IoT platform). Followed by that deep dive programming topics (C and Python) and connectivity (IoT protocols) aspects are covered. This course also gives you non-functional perspectives of building security and performance tuning of IoT solutions. This latest course curriculum makes Wohlstands’s IoT courses in Mumbai as a unique one in the industry.

What are the benefits?
Wohlstand Training & Consultancy Embedded IoT course syllabus is designed after careful research and industry validation. A combined knowledge of all the topics mentioned below will make you a hands-on Embedded IoT developer. Our unique course curriculum makes us as one of the best iot courses in Mumbai, Goregao. We have taken hands-on ‘development’ approach in the embedded side and ‘integration’ approach in the application side of IoT. By going through this course you will equip yourself to build an end-to-end IoT solution on your own.

Course Contain

  • Overview of IoT and High level Architecture
  • Setting up IoT work-flow
  • Programming with Advanced C / Embedded C
  • Micro-controller programming using Arduino
  • Programming with Python
  • Building IoT Applications using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Protocols: HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, 6LoWPAN.
  • IoT Cloud Infrastructure
  • Performance and Security in IoT


Training Center Location

Wohlstand Training & Consultancy

132 1st Floor Mastermind 4, Royal Palms, Aarey Colony,

Mayur Nagar Goregaon E, Mumbai 400065

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