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Commitment to serve diverse industry practices.

Who We Are

Wohlstand Training & Consultancy solutions and best practices from our expert instructors and designers, you can increase the return on your technology investment throughout the product and system lifecycle.

Wohlstand Training & Consultancy Solutions Education Services provides your organization with one-stop training Solution and end-to-end training support: from needs analysis and consultancy to course development and customization.

Online Training Session are available

We can customized and design the course asper the client requirement and their convenient schedule and days. Please reply with your training requirements and number of participants.


  • UACAN – Beverages Can manufacturing company in Dammam KSA
  • Shell Nigeria
  • PetroChad – Largest Oil & Gas company in Chad
  • Numaligarh Refinery Limited
  • HIL Limited

Our courses and customized training programs are designed to bring your employees effectively up through the necessary development to reach the end goal. Our training enhances skills for all user levels and helps you ensure the appropriate level of competencies among your

Development of skills

Skills are developed through steps, and each step requires different types of training:

  • New users require clear guidance and overview
  • Experienced users need knowledge, explanations, general guidelines, tools and examples of when and how to deviate from the rules
  • Experts require knowledge, perspectives, suggestions, cooperation and adjustable tools


Customized training courses

If you don’t find what you need from one of our listed sessions, we are always available to create a customized course for your specific requirements. Our tailored training programs are flexible solutions designed to address the specific challenges you are facing in your plant.
We will take into account the processes and machinery in use, pinpoint the areas of development and structure each program with topics relevant to your organization.

 We know that timing and budget are important when considering any training. To accommodate your priorities, we will work with you to
determine the best training format and duration to meet your needs, assuring you the highest return on your training investment.