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Mechanical Training

  • Principle of solenoid valves
Module : Hydraulic Systems A) Hydraulic systems                                                             Why  Hydraulic system? Fundamentals of hydraulics: Basics of water  and oil hydraulics
Hydraulic system components and accessories: Hydraulic fluid, Pumps, Reservoirs, filters, Strainers, Pipes,  coolers, Various types of Valves, Accumulators and their types and other components etc.
Principle construction and working of components, and symbolic representation Hydraulic fluids and its Characteristics and how hydraulic fluid condition can effect the system. Filters used in hydraulic system and their importance Hydraulic pumps: Pump basics and their classifications and types of pumps and specification parameters Valves for Pressure control: relief, reducing, regulating valves Valves for Flow control: FCV, Flow dividers, non-return valves Actuators: Linear actuators, Rotary actuators and their applications,. Direction control valves: Direct operated, pilot operated
  • ISO symbol, circuit design and hydraulic circuit reading
  • Working principles of proportional valves and servo valves
  • Introduction of cartridge valves
  • Interpretation and discussions of electro-hydraulic circuits in plant machinery
  • Various hydraulic cicuit reading, interpretation and understanding
  • E.g. : Material handling system,  Sequence operations, etc.
And  General troubleshooting and maintenance

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