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What you'll learn

  • Understand Right ways of Handling and programming MCU Peripherals

  • Develop Peripheral drivers for your Microcontroller

  • Understand complete Driver Development steps right from scratch for GPIO,SPI,I2C and USART.

  • Learn Writing peripheral driver headers, prototyping APIs and implementation

  • Explore MCU data sheets, Reference manuals, start-up Codes to get things done

  • Learn Right ways of handling/configuring Interrupts for various peripherals

  • Learn about Peripheral IRQs/Vector table/NVIC interfaces and many

  • Learn about Configuration/status/Control registers of various Peripherals

  • Demystifying behind the scene working details of SPI,I2C,GPIOs,USART etc.

  • Explore hidden secretes of MCU bus interfaces, clock sources, MCU clock configurations, etc.

  • Understand right ways of enabling/configuring peripheral clocks/serial clocks/baud rates of various serial protocols

  • Learn about MCUs AHB, APB bus protocols

  • Learn about different MCU clocks like HCLK, PCLK, PLL,etc

  • Learn to capture/decode/analyze traces of serial protocols on Logic analyzer

  • Learn about Quick ways of debugging peripheral issues with case studies

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